Tuesday, August 19, 2008

yet more old pix

Dad on the left.

One of the gliders

I don't know where this is or who they are, I think they may be Air Cadets

This may be Bankstown Aerodrome's control tower.

(Who is the tall bloke? He's a good looking sort! He looks famous.... but all blokes looked like movie stars in the 40s, didn't they?)


The bloke on the left may be my Grandad - or one of his rellies.

Dad 24 July 1948


Minicapt said...

The last plane is still a Tiger Moth, per your first set, 17 Aug last two. The other Tiger Moths are probably VH-AYY.

kae said...

I'll look closer at these on a printout tomorrow and make some notes. I have to go to bed soon.
Did you notice the plane A11-41? It's VH-BCG in a previous incarnation!
Thanks for your help, it's greatly appreciated.
I have emailed the Southern Cross Gliding Club and reading their spiel I note that Fred Hoinville started his own club out west of Sydney, The Hinkler Club. I can't find anything about that club on the web. I haven't looked real hard yet.

Skeeter said...

A11 is the RAAF type designator for the Auster AOP (Air Observation Post).
You can see the middle section of a Wirraway behind A11-41. (At least, I think it's a Wirraway. I'd like to see its tail to be sure.)
You're right. VH-BCG is a civilised A11.
It's a bugger when you get so old that all the aeroplanes you have flown are now in museums.
(BTW there's a pretty pic of a Mustang on the linked Auster AOP page).

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pics. And a great reflection of how fast time passes. Which just happens to be something on my mind at the moment. Mehaul