Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You have to laugh at the fibs told to promote tourism

On the drive back to Brisbane from the Lockyer Valley, be sure to stop at one of the large fruit barns well stocked with fresh, local produce.
I find this hilarious. The large fruit barns source a lot of their produce from the Rocklea Markets, Brisbane's main fruit and vegie markets, where produce from all over Australia is sold.
One fruit barn was renowned amongst the locals for buying cheap boxes of almost-gone-to-god fruit and veg from Rocklea and re-selling it very, very cheaply. Fine if you have time to rummage through a tonne of almost rotten fruit.

If you want to do a fruit and veg run, find out when the local markets are on.

Fernvale markets are on every Sunday morning. Fresh produce, knick-knacks, gifts, trash and treasure, a huge variety of native and exotic plants, and sometimes some animals. If you are in Fernvale you MUST have a Fervale Bakery Pie, dear as poison and delicious.

Laidley markets are on the last Saturday morning in the month.

Mulgowie produce markets are on the first Saturday morning of the month.

Toowoomba has markets every Sunday I think.

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Anonymous said...

Here on the Gold Coast the boss drags me along on Sunday mornings to the weekly markets at the Gold Coast race track.

I still struggle to find markets that serve the purpose that they are supposed to. That is provide something good or different to what I would get in a normal supermarket and at a lower price because in theory the markets cut out all the middle men.

There are some very good fruit and vegie stalls, good European bread and condiment stalls, a coffee stall that sells its coffee too hot and can't seem to address the problem, very good Dutch breakfast, great butcher from Mt Isa who comes down each week for the business, good flower lady (also Dutch I think), good cheeses from Milawa, and a good plant man with some good valued plants, he also sells macadamias in bulk at a good price. A little light music by various string pluckers and out of 10 overall.....7-8 depending on how much I drank on Saturday night. Mehaul