Tuesday, September 23, 2008

AGW is good for something...

Grey nurse sharks may be saved from extinction (or "going extinct" as is the idiotic manner of saying this now), by global warming.

The sharks are endangered and there are two distinct groups of them which haven't interbred for thousands of years becuase of the cold waters in the south of Australia. Grey nurse sharks never go to the south of Australia.

With the warming of the waters south of Australia the sharks could meet up and interbreed and this could save them.

Here's the link to the news item. I guess the sharks, who like warm waters, don't know that they can get through from east to west and v-v by travelling north, between Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Ahh, just heard the item again, it's on AM today, here now.


Wand said...

Meanwhile over the Tasman, New Zealanders go for cheese or is it whale vomit (ambergris)?

kae said...

If it's whale vomit (ambergris) it's worth a mint.

If it's cheese it's crap.