Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alexander Downer interview - "He who laughs last"

Many books and documentaries are about to appear on the past 11 years. As a central player, how does Downer describe the Howard years?

"We went through a golden era economically. There's no doubt that the Howard years will always be remembered for that and I think the Howard years will always be remembered for building Australia's confidence in itself ... From a country that was pleading to be accepted in its own neighbourhood to the point where it was almost embarrassing, and a country that was debating its identity, to a country that is embraced in its own neighbourhood as a significant albeit occasionally controversial contributor to the neighbourhood and a country that is proud of its identity and understands its place in the world."



missred said...

wow a whole book just 2 weeks after.. call me cynical

Minicapt said...

If you are referring to "SARAH", it was published in Apr 08. Beldar's review was published in June.