Thursday, September 11, 2008

Costello calls it quits.

He "won't be leader".

Although Andrew Bolt believes we're still not any the wiser.


Skeeter said...

If we pay attention to what Costello has persistently said and written over the years about his leadership ambitions, we should remain convinced that whatever those ambitions are, Costello does not believe he could win.
Costello's repeat performance today should be taken as just that, a confirmation that he does not think he can hack it.

In an attempt to swing the vote against Howard, the ALP and the MSM used the threat of Costello as PM for most of Howard's reign.
The MSM are now persisting with this imagined threat, not because they want Costello to lead, but to damage the chances of re-election for the Coalition.
If Howard had handed over the reins to Costello before the last election, it would not have saved the Coalition government from defeat.
Even Costello realised that.

I am ambivalent about who would make the lesser leader — Turnbull or Costello. Turnbull can only get re-elected in his swinging electorate if he goes even further left than he is now.
In the current pecking order, by far the best choice for leader is the incumbent, Brendan Nelson.
If he is encouraged to be a bit more forceful in his opposition to Rudd's madness, he might even win at the next election.

Kaboom said...

Skeeter, what the federal Libs really need is someone with, ahem.... cojones.

Hey! I'm so impressed that I didn't succumb to temptation, and write "BALLS!"

Nelson, Turnbull, they don't have cojones. Not at all.

John Howard, now he had balls. Sarah Palin - she's got BALLS. Jeff Kennett had BALLS. Even Mark Latham had BALL.

The conservatives really need someone with BALLS. Someone who refuses to pander to the "swinging" voters, but rather presents a viable and energised Opposition.

Skeeter, I think that at some stage during the Nelson two-years-to-go oppositional debacle, Costello is going to show us his BALLS as well.

Bugger, I had to use that non-feminine inclusive word.....