Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the dolls, we dare not speak their name, you know the ones

they look like this: Well, it looks like they're illegal now in the UK.

Woman arrested over Golly doll.

Dean Kirby and Rob Dawson 17/ 9/2008

A MUM claims she was arrested and had her DNA and fingerprints taken by police because she had a `golly' doll in the window of her home.

Amanda Schofield, 38, was quizzed by police on suspicion of racially-aggravated public order.

She claims the doll was put in the window by her young daughter, who found it in a bag of toys.

But police say she was arrested after a series of complaints of alleged racially-aggravated behaviour were made against her.

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Richard Sharpe said...

Imagine my mother's horror when at the tender age of 2 I was seated with her in the London Underground. I saw two recent arrivals to Britain, and being a massive Noddy fan at the time, shouted out "Look Mum, Gollywogs!"

kae said...

Surely you jest?

I bought a dear friend a golliwog mobile when her daughter was a baby, she loved it, soooo un-PC.

I loved the golliwogs in Enid Blyton Noddy books, and I read famous five and some of her others (but I've only remembered the Noddy characters).

Richard Sharpe said...

Nope. Dad was also less than impressed when I said something similar to the Nigerian General at UNTSO HQ.

kae said...


Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

Do you remember this story from last year from here in Queensland :

And the aftermath of the demands for sackings & banning of the Golliwogs was this:


kae said...

Oh, yes MCB! I remember the outcry about the golliwog quilt which was a prize to raise money for a Brisbane children's hospital.
Ridiculous. People were offended.

Sam Watson is a f... fool. Like that other wombat in Toowoomba who was bleating about the Stand in Toowoomba. His people are dying and he wants to go to the high court and the Hague to get the name taken off the bloody grandstand. He's a f... fool, too.

Don't start me, MCB.

I never associated Golliwogs with aborigines (and probably not even negroes) BECAUSE THEY ARE DOLLS.

Sam and some of the others should build a bridge.
I'd also never call an aboriginal or a negro (is that OK to use?) by any of those names because I know it is insulting and rude. Anyone with manners would feel the same way.

kae said...

Arrgh and then I click on the link for the second Hospital doll item and, there he is, the shit stirrer from Toowoomba.

He really needs to find himself much more meaningful causes to fight.

kae said...


Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

I had a Golliwog myself when I was young so I hate to think about children being denied the innocent pleasure of playing with them because of some imbeciles with a chip on their shoulder. They are dolls not people.

As for the "elders" responisble - no wonder the Murris are in trouble. Sam Watson, that lisping obese Communist, should spend more time in a gym and less time race baiting. I notice he's always around for Protest against Whites but he's never around when discussions turn to violence and/or problem drinking within Aboriginal Communities. And as for Hagan - he has this obsession with demanding people change their bloody names - not just the Stand - but demanding that the Coon family change the name of their cheese. With wallies like this as leaders no wonder the aboriginal community is in trouble.

kae said...

I'm with you on your last comment, MCB, Esq.

So, when do we get to have a drink? All the locals around me?
Or even a counterie?

It's just a thought.

I started this blog for stimulation and I know there's some people reading it, I'd like to know more about them. They know a lot about me! (But not everything!)

I've met a few who comment here and they're really interesting people, from Blair's. It's good to socialise with like-minded people, helps you realise that the world may not be going stark raving mad after all.

kae said...

MCB - about that drink...
can you wait a bit while I read the dictionary and thesaurus?


Ash said...

Political correctness is just taking the manners we should all have way too far past the point of being polite, and to the point of being rude again.

Most people accept good manners, and many people really, truly hate being treated as different because they are of a heritage or other group that makes them "different" from anyone else. PC is taking polite way too far so as to single people out. It's ridiculous.

Long live the Golly doll. And all other dolls meant to represent a group identified as a minority. At least they make the point that every person is different. Unlike Barbie, who would be 7 foot something-tall and fall over because her, ahem, chest would weigh her down.

Ash said...

One more thing:

With the woman's DNA being collected, did she give permission? I sure as hell wouldn't have for the grand and life-threatening crime of owning a doll, and I can't imagine most people would.

Fingerprints for a doll is one thing which I can easily imagine, but DNA?

If they got DNA, I think the police are overstepping their mark. DNA can't possibly be useful information in a case such as this, and because of that, they shouldn't have the right to access DNA.

I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

Kaboom said...

The Golliwog doll simply perpetuates the odious notion that black things are innately inferior.

Just look at the "Minstrel Face". Just look at the frizzy hair, the wild, staring Tim Flannery eyes - the Golliwog has been created for the purpose of ridicule, and no other purpose!

Remember the innate cruelty of children who have not been properly educated.....

Rednecks love Golliwog dolls for a reason you know - it's so that they can act out their projection of racial fear and hatred on an inanimate object.

They should be banned. Possession of a Golliwog SHOULD (and will!) be a crime against society.

Pogria said...

Hey Kaboom,

fuck off.

Please. :)

Kaboom said...

OK. Never again shall my rapier-sharp wit be presented for your amusement.

Seriously, read carefully, and take a chill pill.

kae said...

Kaboom, she said Please and smiled.


Just ignore her! (teehee)

Pogria said...


sorry mate, I reckon my wit is as blunt as your rapier.


I blame George Bush.

and Kae.


kae said...


that'd be KaeVIN RUDD, huh?