Friday, September 19, 2008

EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww file

Upside-down jellyfish and small crustaceans that invade the mouths of fish and eat their tongues are among the hundreds of new species discovered in Australia's coral reefs.

The often weird and wonderful marine species were recorded during a four-year exploration of the waters around Lizard and Heron islands in the Great Barrier Reef, and Ningaloo Reef in north western Australia, scientists announced.

The inventory is part of a worldwide Census of Marine Life (CoML) which is set to release its results in 2010.

You'll never guess why they are doing this audit...

Maybe you will...

And what magic words were used to get the funding?


kc said...

Global Warming? Or in Newspeak, that would be Climate Change, wouldn't it.

kae said...

Close KC, but no cigar....

you forgot the "anthropogenic" bit.

they're idiots.

Caller on the radio thismorning was banging on about AGW and we're all gonna die.
Next caller said it's a crock of shit. AGW, there might be GW, but not AGW.