Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eight year old hero!

WHEN Shannon Gallagher, a diabetic, began fading out of consciousness while driving outside of Normanton three weeks ago her eldest daughter, eight-year-old Emmy Lou, stayed calm and took the wheel. Her act of bravery, recognised at a Townsville awards ceremony last night, kept the car on the road for more than an hour until help arrived.

"Emmy Lou and my other two daughters (Clare, 6 and Jolee, 2) were trying to bring me back around," Mrs Gallagher said.

"They were sort of slapping me and yelling at me and that type of thing but they couldn't make me come to."

Emmy Lou realised she had to act and told her sister Clare, who had been in the front passenger seat, to hop in the back and look after Jolee, 2.

Emmy Lou then climbed on to her mother's lap to take the wheel.
News with photograph, and Minister for Emergency Services press release. I know a nine year old and she's pretty clever!


kc said...

I don't know about Oz, but here in the good ol USA, 'we' have infantilized our children to the point that 'we' don't give them credit for the abilities they really do have. And they stay immature well into their 20's. This is particularly true in urban areas.

I've known many 8 & 9 year olds who drove the tractor & the baler & the truck on the family farm. It seems this family is rural enough that the girl has learned a lot that many "adults" have no need for (using the radio to get help, getting the next younger to watch "the baby" so she could do what had to be done).

So, HURRAY for this girl for her help to her mum...she is someone to be admired. In fact, she's the only true "Hero" on that list of award-winners, in my opinion.

kae said...

It's the same here, kc.

Recently I watched a "true life police" programme on the TV. A group of teens beat up a homeless man. They said he'd started it. He looked like he had dwarfism, these kids had a bit of islander in them. They attacked him while he was trying to sleep, lying on the ground. When the police arrived the youths said they were trying to scare him, teach him a lesson "We weren't trying to kill him or hurt him."
Just exactly what did these little bastards expect to happen when they were kicking this man and hitting him with a pipe?
The senior policeman (an Inspector), was very angry with them and just about speechless with anger and couldn't tell them how low they were.
And you know, they still didn't think that they'd done anything wrong. Except film the attack and get caught.

What is happening to people these days that they bring up these feral animals?