Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finally, spam that might interest women!

All Your Breast Enlargement Info From Top Breast Enlargement Sites.
Huh? Spam for women?

Maybe not.

Impress the ladies with the new tool in your pants, and watch them moan in pleasure when you fill them up deeper and more tightly.

Be the stud in 2008, and achieve all your dreams of super size!
Nevermind. I really don't think I need bigger boobs.


Minicapt said...

I think they may be referring to the proverbial male wallet.


kc said...

I just spit tea all over my keyboard, minicapt...thanks for the morning laugh!

kae said...


I don't get it.

But do I want to?

Minicapt said...

I ain't gunna draw no piccy fer ya ...

Wallet; thick with cash; shopping is a pleasure, not a chore; jewelry better than sex?


kae said...

Money and jewellery are nice, but they aren't warm and affectionate, won't comfort you when you're sad and laugh with you when you're glad.