Monday, September 8, 2008

Four Corners tonight WTC 7 - troofers! I hope they're being debunked

I don't know what the angle is... just listening to it.


Bloody hell, I KNOW this will make me angry.

Oh, wait. Maybe they debunk troofers?

No building has ever melted in a fire...


Obviously scholars of the Rosie O'Dickhead school of engineering.

OK, OK, I've calmed down now.

It was a debunking... but leaving enough ????? to make you wonder. Arrgh!

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bruce said...

I happened to click thru the end of FourCorn and saw the final message, paraphrased: 'Recent WT7 report said it was the only known case in the world where a building fell ('due to fire'? - forget exact words)', which I thought was an odd way to reference that Report, which actually fully debunked Truther theories.

What will 4C do next? Loch Ness Monster? Hollow Earth UFO theories ('could be true you know'), alien abductions? ('Harvard Professor says abductions may be real'...), there's heaps of that stuff out there.

Well, that's where our taxes are going.

Very disappointed I am too, to read that Brendan Nelson will 'have no truck whatsoever' with skepticism about 'climate change'.

And so the new Dark Ages dawn.