Saturday, September 13, 2008

I don't hate Helen Mirren



kc said...

I guess I shouldn't tell you -- I'm not that tan & she's more endowed than I am, but I wear a bikini...just not out in public like Dame Helen, at least not anymore.

kae said...

I didn't need to know that kc...

I don't think I ever looked good in a bikini, always had a tummy.

I don't think I'd brave a bikini now... ugh! Greenpeace would be looking for my mummy and I'd be in all the papers as the "New Colin".


kc said...

If the porkers who enjoy the Florida beaches are any indication, your tummy is overrated. And I said I don't wear it in public. I hate going to the beach. I garden in it. In the back yard.

DNA lottery came up with my number - haven't had trouble with weight since I was a teenager - got the thyroid in balance, been ok ever since.

kae said...

I eat too much and don't move enough.
You really do have to pick your parents for a lot of these good things to happen, don't you?

Helen Mirren picked well.