Saturday, September 27, 2008

I thought this was done and dusted

A proposal to build a Muslim school on land in the Bass Hill area was knocked back by the powers that be. The land had been acquired under suspicious circumstances and it had been sold by the Department of Education.

(Nick Lucchinelli to Mohamed El Dana) Do you feel like you're a victim of racism?

MOHAMED EL DANA: Well it could be a reason; it could be a reason.

NICK LUCCHINELLI: Mohamed el Dana wants to build another Al Amanah campus next to Bass Hill High School.

A local resident group has fiercely opposed and a development application for the 1,200 student school was rejected by Bankstown Council on parking and planning grounds last year.

But since then the plans have been amended and the Land and Environment Court has told Bankstown Council it must be reassessed.

MOHAMED EL DANA: We are like the public servant; we serve the community. Our community deserves to have the school, the facilities. There is a desperate need for this school.
more at ABC AM 27/9/08

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