Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If Sarah is unsuccessful, there's a job for her in WA (or NSW!)

IF Sarah Palin is not victorious as US vice-president in November she could always take over in Perth or Sydney. Knowing how to field-dress a moose is a skill that is rarely required in either city but Governor Palin has qualifications for office the locals lack: she is not the product of patronage and she is not a complete idiot.

Imagine Perth's politicians trying to gut a moose: one-time Labor leader - the bloke who lost the election - would have announced he was going to shoot a beast a year before the season started. And he would assure the electorate that his crack team of moose markspersons would kill it cleaner and quicker than some of his old ministers who had raffled off their ammunition and needed to ask Brian Burke what a moose looked like.

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