Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm in two minds about this

A VIGILANTE who threatened to kill Dennis Ferguson if he did not leave Ipswich has vowed not to pay the convicted pedophile a cent in compensation.

Noel Boyd Watterson, 61, defiantly declared Ferguson should not hold his breath if he expected to see any of the $2250 a judge awarded him yesterday.

"It pays to be a pedophile, huh?" Watterson said when told of the decision. (more)

Part of me wants to pitch in and help Mr Watterson to pay the fine. The other part of me says it's wrong to hound people, even paedophiles, because they have to live somewhere.

The part that's the problem is where they are placed to live.

Paedophiles cannot be cured. Therefore it makes sense to put them somewhere remote from access to any children.


Kaboom said...

Kae, it's simply a manifestation of The Last Taboo.

We have had women's rights, racial rights, abortion rights, gay rights, Islamic terrorist rights, single parents' rights, assisted suicide's rights, abused partner's rights, protester's rights, and of course unemployed dipshit rights.

How dare you condescend towards paedophilic rights? As you have pointed out, some members of the community are born with a bent towards rock spidering - what gives us, the so-called "normals" - the right to publicly assess the morals of the kiddie-fiddlers?

They cannot help themselves, and yet even the ugliest fucking lesbian turns around and castigates the lifestyle of these people, who cannot help being a little bit different from normal.

Oh, the hypocrisy!

kae said...

You're not talking about Sarah Bernhart?
She wasn't hit by the ugly stick.

She fell out of the tree and hit every branch.

Face first.