Sunday, September 28, 2008

Insiders 28/9/08

Don't forget.

It might be interesting considering Kevvie's performance at the UN.

LOL. Today Insiders asks why Kevvie's performance overseas is so much better than his performance at home. And better received.

Well, that's easy.

Those foreigners are too polite and respectful to say that Kevin Rudd is a jumped-up stuffed-shirt fool.

Julia Gillard is the guest of hon. She'll be asked about collective bargaining and other IR and Work Choices issues.

Malcolm Farr -

Piers Akerman -

Annabelle Crabbe -

Julia still sounds like she's doing a big jobby.

The footie fans interviewed as the "man on the street". Rubbishing Malcolm Turnbull for naming an AFL team the Roosters. Hullo? He grew up in Sydney. He probably follows Leage if he follows football. These Melbourne AFL followers seem to think that AFL is our National Sport and everyone should know about it. I suggest they wake up. I know plenty of people who don't follow any football code.

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