Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's a Lib Nat Coalition in WA!

Just heard the news.
Carpenter stands down as WA Labor leader

The former WA premier, Alan Carpenter, has conceded he has lost the state election and announced he will be resigning as Labor leader.

Earlier today, the Nationals leader, Brendon Grylls, announced his party would support the Liberals to form government because it would give them the balance of power in both houses of the WA Parliament.



Anonymous said...

Hopefully the start of the great Aussie crumble. Though I hope the Qld opposition doesn't expect to win simply because they're the opposition. I can't believe the idiots who voted Labor into power in NSW have to wait two years to vote them out. Surely someone can kickstart some form of constitutional grubbery and force an early election. Though who would want the Libs after they stymied the privatisation of the power icons. Mehaul

Skeeter said...

This morning, in an email from a WA friend, there was much jubilation.
The big thing is there is now more chance of increased WA wealth from uranium mining.
Like me, my friend believes that the threat by the Nats to join up with Labor was a ruse. Two aims: to maximise the support of the major parties for royalty feed-back to the regions; and to force Labor to keep Carpenter as leader. The Libs knew it was going to be an easier term for them if Carpenter stayed as leader. Labor wanted him sacked but the Nats would only support Labor if they kept Carpenter in place as leader.
Carpenter chucked it in anyway, but Labor had been put though a lot of angst while trying to woo the Nats.