Friday, September 26, 2008

Janet Albrechtsen talks about discrimination

Women, some women, are pressing for a Men Only club to allow them to become members.

For crying out loud. You wouldn't want to be in the shed with them, why the hell do you want to hang around their club? Don't you trust them or something?

Although it may be much deeper than that. And it is really more reverse discrimination, to press for 'numbers' rather than ability.

DISCRIMINATION divas sure are busy with their name and shame games. In recent days, they’ve been firing off the gender equity gun at men’s clubs and the briefing policies of law firms towards female barristers. On both fronts they are firing blanks, their arguments steeped in irrational feminist vengeance rather than reason.
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Richard Sharpe said...

Fair enough too. Nowhere should there be any institution that defines its membership clearly and succinctly in the charter or constitution or rules of said organisation. I demand membership to Curves, the Masons, the CWA, the Mafia and the Griffith Uni Student Guild.

Richard Sharpe said...

No bugger it, the Yale Graduates Association.......and MENSA.

kae said...

It's all the same to me.

kc said...

Was it Groucho Marx who said he refused to belong to any club that would have HIM as a member? Sounds like Wisdom to me!

Whiney lil girlies, aren't they?

Of course, I was working mostly male-type jobs when most feminists were picketing the admin building for the right to have an abortion, so I don't feel much sympathy.