Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Janet Albrechtsen - tribute to 35 years in federal parliament

Few politicians in living memory, apart from John Howard, have been criticised, hounded and lampooned more than Ruddock. He’s been accused of being a war criminal, of committing crimes against humanity, of being the minister for racism. Crowds have shouted at him. Audiences have walked out on him. Security details have followed him. Never fazed or flummoxed, Ruddock always responded with indisputable facts, not uncontrolled feelings. Even his demeanor infuriated the critics. Grey and cadaver-like, they said, befitting a man who killed compassion in the country. None of it mattered. Or if it did, Ruddock never let on publicly. He knew his contribution would outlive the criticism of a loud, emotive few.

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Pedro the Ignorant said...

Hounded and lampooned more than Ruddock?

One (well, two);

Hanson. Disgraceful.