Monday, September 15, 2008

Nelson calls leadership spill tomorrow

Heard on the news.

Found on the net:

Australia's federal Opposition leader, Brendan Nelson, has called for a leadership vote on Tuesday morning.

Dr Nelson is trying to stamp his authority on the party by calling a leadership spill. more at ABC RA

Courier Mail.



Skeeter said...

Laurie Oakes seemed angry that he hadn't been consulted before the spill was announced.
I haven't always agreed with Nelson's decisions, but he has my full support now.
He is, at last, being allowed to show signs of inner strength.
Turnbull is so far left he frightens me.
A well-organised and strongly led opposition to the carbon tax will ensure that Rudd is a one-term wonder.
Talking to my local MP, I learnt that AGW is now widely considered as a scam, but the public brain-washing has made it politically difficult to openly oppose it.
Maybe the media will now start doing their job of exposing the Rudd shambles.

kae said...

I hope so skeets, I hope so.

I hope that he can swing the AGW issue back to some kind of sensibility, too. Before too long.

Anonymous said...

Skeeter. My sentiments also. The media have played a shameful role in forcing this agenda. Who else would rate highly as a novel opposition leader during the early days of a new Government? Give Nelson a go and beware of Turnbull.

ps. Do you know who's celebrating a birthday today? Who could it be?


Skeeter said...

Turnbull had a narrow win for the leadership. Rough times ahead for the Libs, I'm afraid.

Managed to catch the last 40 minutes of Costello's book launch at the NPC.
Very entertaining. I particularly enjoyed the put-downs he served to some of the dopier reporters during questions.
Q: Given that you said in 1993 blah blah blah and that it could be the case in 2009 that blah blah blah, will you be likely to blah blah blah in 2010?
A: No.
Costello mentioned that one of the best things about being on the back bench is that he can respond to the media exactly as he wishes, and doesn't have to dream up a safe answer to their dopey questions.