Monday, September 22, 2008

news dot com dot au AGW caravan crashers

WHATEVER you views on climate change, in 2008 the issue has moved from the quietly dedicated hippie-fringe to the political mainstream*. is renewing its commitment to covering environmental news with a relaunched section devoted to the impact of climate change.

You can see what the current population is, how long until the next species of plant or animal becomes extinct, the global temperature rise and the rise in sea levels, carbon emissions and rates of deforestation so far this century.
I think they've joined the AGW caravan of cash and sales.

more here.

Thank heaven for the Australian Finance section.

*Perhaps a sign that the truth will out?


Minicapt said...

I did the survey; amongst other choices, I chose to leave the Polar bears alone, but decided that you Aussies should save the Koala first.


kc said...

I did the survey, too, though I'm running a bit late. I went with saving the wombats...cuz I love saying wombat!