Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On Line Opinion Poll results re: Turnbull & Rudd II

From On Line Opinion:

Dear Kae,

I have now posted the second piece of analysis on our latest poll. While the quantitative pollsters are asking questions about which leader is more arrogant, you are more concerned with the backgrounds, experience and promises of the two federal leaders.

Turnbull is in an interesting position as he wins and loses on the same issues. He's attractive to the centre because they see him as a small "l" Liberal, which makes him much less attractive to the enthusiasts on the right of his own party. While Kevin Rudd's support is softening, Turnbull has to solve this conundrum before he can pose a real threat to the government.

The analysis is at:


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bruce said...

Kae, I got sick of reading this guys sanctimonious prose because I found no substance. Is there even anything in there specifically from the past 2 weeks since Turnbull became leader? ('Which leader is more arrogant' may have been a tabloid headline last week but that's about it). Never mind the blather about 'social conscience'.

I call shenanigans - are these just recycled 2007 editorials? Is the writer perhaps posting them from a hotel in Florida, getting ideas from a Herald-Sun webpage, hoping no one will notice?

kae said...

I do the surveys and share them around.
We'll see how it goes.