Thursday, September 11, 2008

Q&A 11/9/08 9:30pm - don't forget!

TonightThursday, 24 July
Get your questions in fast, only four episodes to go till Q&A takes a breather. Tony Jones and the Q&A panel want you to join them in a live and unpredictable 55 minute journey through the political landscape. Taking the stage this week are: Shadow Minister for Defence and leader of the opposition in the Senate, Nick Minchin, the Minister for Housing and Status of Women, Tanya Plibersek, political journalist and author of "Poll Dancing" - a satirical look at the 2007 federal election, Mungo MacCallum, the Director of the IP and Free Trade Unit at the Institute of Public Affairs, Tim Wilson and author, essayist and playwright Linda Jaivin.
Do you think that anyone at ABC will pick up the incorrect date of 24 July 2008 on their website - its been on 24 July for weeks!

Mungo McCallum, is he still on drugs? "We need to understand why terrorists are killing people. We can't defeat them unless we understand them." He seems to think that they murder for a noble cause, not for personal gain. Tell me again what the reward is in heaven for these murderers? Tell me again the posthumous fame they receive? Their life is shit so they may as well be dead. If that's not an ulterior motive nothing is. This was in response to a question in about the last 20 minutes of the programme.


Anonymous said...

Your thread prompted me to watch Q&A. I won't watch it for long because the Labor poli I loathe the most is sitting there waiting to make some of her puerile grade 12 communist comments. ie Tanya Pilb.

Another labor love in. Hosted by the totally impartial Snowcone. Not!!


kae said...

The opposition minister is doing well

when he can get a word in.

Skeeter said...

Mehaul, Q&A makes me shout at the TV — not good for my health and I intend to let Kae watch it for me in future.
A week or so ago I watched it briefly. Bill Shorten managed to feed an off-topic anti-Bush comment to the audience. He was rewarded with a round of playground laughter and applause from the juveniles in the sand pit.
Shorten may have been deliberately lowering his intellect to match the audience, but if he wasn't, grade 12 would have been unachievable for him at my high school.