Thursday, September 18, 2008

Q&A 18/9/08 9:30 pm NOWish

Thursday, 24 July 18 September (they still haven't fixed the date!)

Q&A feeds your brain this week with a great assortment of guests. Rhodes Scholar with an Oxford Blue in boxing and one of the better performers in the House, Shadow Minister for Families and Indigenous Affairs, Tony Abbot makes a welcome return to the program. Joining him, the member for Bennelong, former ABC journalist, Maxine McKew, academic, young Muslim community leader and host of SBS’s Salam CafĂ©, Waleed Aly, former advisor to the Howard Government and author of “ Liberal Women - Federation to 1949”, Margaret Fitzherbert and former editor of conservative magazine “Quadrant” and now left leaning academic and author, Robert Manne. Expect plenty of jousting and robust conversation – all seasoned with a big dose of civility.

Live feed starts at 9:35pm here.


kc said...

I don't claim to understand the intricacies of Australian government, but this term - Shadow Minister for Families and Indigenous Affairs - intrigues me. What is a Shadow Minister?


kae said...

The opposition party appoints ministers, they are called Shadow Ministers for whatever.

Minicapt said...