Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant.

Um, so what's that gotta do with the price of fish?

Whose business is it, anyway?

Just butt out and let the young woman get on with her life. Whatever she decides to do it is her business.

Those who started the rumours about her brother should be ashamed of themselves.

And you know something, I think that family has got all it takes to be a force to be reckoned with for McCain. There's a lot of love there, leftards should take note!

I haven't linked to anything newsy here, but Blair and Bolt cover it well.


bruce said...

We get called 'Claytons Yanks' for showing an interest in US politics, but then many in the local press basically take dictation from and are shilling for the US Democrats - I just saw it on the 8am news, 'Flash! Palin pregnancy shock!'

To who? Why?

Brainwashed young writers go on about ignorant 'prejudice', but it is amazing how little they know about, say US Evangelicals. Not that I've met many but you just have to watch an episode of Seventh Heaven to know they are struggling with real issues like this all the time - loss of faith, teenage pregnancy etc, and they often cope with such problems WELL with sympathy and support. It's not The Crucible any more, if it ever was.

Skeeter said...

Interesting that the msm, in their fawning show-biz reports promoting their idols, allow vapid movie celebrities to drop bastard babies all over the place without there being a hint of scandal.

kae said...

If you are a celebrity and rich enough you can buy your own "League of Nations" child petting zoo.

I refer to the actress who expressed a desire to have one child from each continent, and then said something along the lines of (paraphrased) "my blood child doesn't deserve as much love and attention as the adopted ones because she's been born into priviledge".

kc said...

My beeeootiful granddaughter was not planned...but we sure couldn't have planned a better life than we're having as a result of her birth! Her parents got married after they discovered she was coming...and I wish the new grandma all the best, because it IS the best.

Skeeter said...

kc, I was the last of several generations of first-born Skeeters lurking behind wedding bouquets.
As Victor Borge put it so well — we were born in wedlock, but only just.

Anonymous said...

Skeeter. You mention the celebrity bastards title which qualifies many of the parents as well. But what the stats omit are the celebrity abortions. Can you imagine that figure?

Mehaul of 7 iron from Royal Pines.

Minicapt said...

This furour over the misdemeanors of the Palin clan is necessary because the brother, and a son, of Sen Biden have been indicted on fraud charges.


kae said...

Hey, Mini, what's the stuff I hear about the shonky financiers that O'bambam's involved with?

kae said...

Hey, Bruce
They don't seem to realise that

Birds do it
Bees do it
Even lefties in the trees do it...