Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September 3, Australian National Flag Day

In 1996 then Governor-General Sir William Deane officially proclaimed that "to commemorate the day in 1901 on which the Australian national flag was first flown, 3 September in each year shall be observed as 'Australian National Flag Day' throughout Australia and in the external Territories of Australia."

History of the Australian Flag.

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kc said...

Happy Australian National Flag Day, Kae. I think the Australian flag is so beautiful.

One of my close friends is Aussie, been married to a retired Navy officer for long time now. We walk together on Sunday mornings, a very kind-hearted woman.

Skeeter said...

A 50k sou-easter is making it a good flag flying day here in Far East Biddaddaba.
Interesting to see the flag history link makes no reference to the British Union Flag on the Australian flag — refers to it as the "three crosses of St Andrew, St George and St Patrick". It would appear that not all Australians are proud of their British Heritage.

kae said...

Hi kc, thanks.

Skeeter, hmm. It's freezing here and it's been blowing a gale all day - I killed the fire, let it burn out on the weekend it was sooooo hot on Sunday.

Might have to light it again?

The weather mob said there's a rain band coming across tonight - I hope it hurries, at least it'll be warm!