Monday, September 1, 2008

Smallest violin in the world plays "My heart bleeds for you"

P Diddy decides to fly American Airlines, because fuel price is too M*F high...
He also appealed to his "Saudi Brothers and Sisters" to provide free fuel. (Profanity on vid, what a shock, eh?)

How does someone so dense become so disgustingly wealthy?


RebeccaH said...

P. Diddy (Puff Daddy) [Whatever name he's using this week] has always put me off. It's that smug "gimme ur munny" smirk he always has on his face, and the knowledge that there are enough dimwits out there to make him rich.

He's black, so Saudis would spit on him, or throw an order his way to sweep the courtyard --- and that's the same attitude they take toward Obama, despite the fact that they want him to win the election. They think because he's black, they'd be able to manipulate him at will, because... well... he's black. Aren't they slaves?

(hint: the Arabic slang word for African is "slave".

kae said...

It makes me laugh when black (african or aborigine) converts to the cult of death talk of others in the same cult as brothers and sisters.
They have no idea that if they lived in a death cult state they would be the lowest of low.

missred said...

oh my heart bleeds for the jerk. i pity the passengers on the same plane. i won't be flying american, that's for sure!