Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sugar Ray convicted but spared jail term

The veteran indigenous leader said yesterday he would appeal against the conviction, with commonwealth prosecutors also saying they were reviewing the outcome of the case.
This has all been going on way too long. more.

Mr Robinson, like some others in his field, have expressed the opinion that it's none of anyone's business what is done with taxpayer money or taxpayer funded goods/housing etcetera, once that money was handed over to ATSIC or similar organisation.

Mr Robinson is mistaken.

(I meant to post this days ago.)


bruce said...

I had a colleague at Uni who is an aboriginal guy - hardworking and quiet, thoughtful and intelligent. When a prominent aboriginal leader died, I offered sympathetic words to this colleague, his response was a surprising outburst, 'Biggest crook in the country, that guy and his family ripped off more money than anyone else ever, money meant for aboriginal welfare'.

He wasn't Noel Pearson, but held similar views. I wish more of them would group up to bring change. Sadly it seems 'the system' and tribal ways are too much for these few enlightened souls to make an impression.

kae said...

People like Robinson and Clarke et al, are all through the aboriginal industry. They profess to help "my people", when really they just feather their own nests.
I have a friend in WA who saw the corruption and inept management of ATSIC first hand. She helped autistic and disabled aboriginal people to find work, also ex-prisoners.