Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sydney unit fire, bomb squad called, not terrorism?

THE discovery of "potentially dangerous" chemicals after a fire at a unit block in Sydney's eastern suburbs has raised fears of a home-made bomb and forced the evacuation of residents.

Bomb squad officers were called to the unit on the corner of Edgecliff Road and Wallis Street in Woollahra shortly after firefighters discovered chemicals while extinguishing a blaze in a unit about 7am (AEST) today.


I'm curious to find out what caused the explosion and what the remaining explosives in the unit were.


The statement reveals Mr Nord had been the victim of an armed robbery while working at a different Coles Express Supermarket in Edgecliff in 2005, sustaining facial injuries.

Feeling aggrieved at the outcome of a compensation claim, it is alleged Mr Nord began plotting his revenge against Coles.

Not terrorism, just revenge. The man is unbalanced.


Skeeter said...

In case some of us have forgotten what the word means:

terrorise /'teruhruyz/ verb (t), terrorised, terrorising.
1. to fill or overcome with terror.
2. to dominate or coerce by intimidation.

kae said...

No, no. It wasn't terrorism. Blowing up a supermarket isn't terrorism. Nooooooo oooooooo. It's not. Making bombs at home hasn't got anything to do with terrorism. Nah ah ahha. Nope.

He was just a poor aggrieved employee.