Friday, September 12, 2008

Yay! 10k


Kaboom said...

Congratulations, Bloodnut!

Pity you didn't care more about Global Warmening....

kae said...

I prefer to concern myself with real threats.

Global Death Cult Swarming.

Minicapt said...

Few are concerned with the problems of Lucy.


Anonymous said...

Well done, kae.

Skeeter said...

The first 10K is always the hardest. It will be 10M in no time.
Next thing you know, Fairfax and Murdoch will be knocking at your door.
Kae, congratulations from us both.

bruce said...

Mucho Congratulata.

But what is a Bloodnut?

A Queensland term?

kae said...

Hi Bruce.
I thought you were an Aussie! Aren't you?
OK. I'm a redhead, as you've noticed. In Aus a bloodnut is a red head.

Blood for the red and nut for the noggin'.

Any more Aussie slang you need 'splainin'? I'm happy to help, if I can!

Boy on a bike said...

A FOT is a sub-species of bloodnut.

kae said...

Ok, boab.
What's a FOT?

I only just discovered "fanta pants" this year (or last year), to my great amusement.

bruce said...

Huh? I'm redhead too, or was till 1980 when I lost most of my hair. I got called 'Carrot-top', 'Bluey','Spud' and others I can't remember, but I've never heard that one.

But then I grew up in Five Dock where I guess we got very cosmopolitanised.

kae said...

I'm originally from Sydney. I was called bloodnut by a fellow I worked with at Telecom (hasn't everyone worked for Telecom at some time in their lives?).

bruce said...

Was offered a clerk-ship at Telecom once. But stayed at 'Jeans for Genes' labs, then in Camperdown - nicest people I've ever worked for.

Aussie slang is a wonderful thing - always more to discover.

Knew a brightly redheaded Kiwi who used to travel thru the wilds of Bangla Desh where they'd never seen red hair. They wondered if he was a 'Rakshash' or 'devil' as that was how their myths saw it.