Friday, October 17, 2008

Albanese wants to raid our super

Invest in infrastructure. Hullo? I'm pretty sure that the funds already invest in a mix of money-making ventures.


Up here, infrastructure is things like, oh, hospital wings and new hospitals. Great idea.

Who's gonna pay for the doctors? Nurses? Administrators? Cleaners? Etcetera?

The Qld State ALP Government is selling off infrastructure, like airports, to fund new and/or improved hospitals in northern cities. I wonder if they've thought about how they're going to staff them.

More at SMH and Bolt


Ash said...

Albanese (aside from a face worse than a robber's dog) has always been afraid of progress.

It steals Labor votes, and he needs 'em.

kc said...

Hi, Kae! We're leading a retreat this weekend, so will miss your weekend postings. Possibly won't be back aboard till late on Monday, MY time. Have a FABulous weekend, I'll miss this place, Paco's, Tim's, Andrea's & saint's! Y'all take care now, hear?