Tuesday, October 14, 2008

AM Today

The market has surged.

Penny Wong insists we still must lead the world in ETS; it will make it easier for us to lead rather than follow. (Does the world care about Australia and its jumped up Prime Minister?)

This and more on AM thismorning.


Wand said...

Penny Wong insists we still must lead the world in ETS

Why of course. Kevni has just saved the world's financial crisis, hasn't he? (Whoops, I mean the global financial crisis - must get the catch phrase correct, just like the next catch phrase 'the economic security strategy'

So go Penny! Save the world!

PS - God help us from Saviours!

bruce said...

Rudd and Swam went on TV last night to announce that there is a serious crisis, 'the world has changed in the past few weeks'.

Then why are the two of them going it alone? If it is not business-as-usual, why do they assume they still have a mandate to rule as if it was? Last night's TV announcement sounded like a coups. 'The Reichstag has burnt down, we are imposing emergency rule'.

To hell with them. As one of the 50% of Australians who did not vote for these clowns, I want to see a national unity government if there really is such a crisis as they have suddenly claimed. I want to see Swan with the Shadow Treasurer, and Mr Costello, all standing together and saying, 'This is what the nation needs'. Otherwise I'll assume Rudd is using this to extend his loopy megalomania delusions. Now that we do not have a functional overseer as Gov General, where are the checks and balances? What is the process to limit these idiots?

Wand said...


I agree.

kae said...

Kev said "A global crisis must have a global solution."

I guess that's the explanation of his jetsetting around the world... reminds me of a pinball, actually.

Anonymous said...

"PS - God help us from Saviors!"

And visionaries!!!


"Pinball" goody kae!

kae said...

Yes, every time he hits a stopper, "bing", and off he goes in another direction.
Oh wait, that's just when he's talking.

Egg said...

"Does the world care about Australia and it's jumped up Prime Minister"?

With an economy reportedly the size of Pennsylvania's?

In a word - "No".