Friday, October 24, 2008

Digital Camera

I'll be looking at a new camera thisafternoon.

I think it's the Ixus 90 I want, with the anti shake thingy. I don't know if the local shop I go to has one, they seem to only have the Ixus 80i or something.

Any further info anyone thinks I should have before I go looking for this camera?


Boy on a bike said...

Buy now - the tanking dollar means they won't get any cheaper.

kae said...

I had a look, all they had local was the Ixus 80, I need the Ixus 90.

And the 90 is about $30 cheaper at trickie dickie's.

Wand said...

I second BOAB. Here's a good site where you can compare camera features. It looks like the 80 has image stabilisation too. I have an Ixus 70 which is fine for all my needs. In fact it does have some auto features that avoid the effect of camera shake, then I've never tried to take photos when inebriated. However there have been some occasions when I expected the photo to come blurred only to find it was crisp.

kae said...

Thanks Wand.
The camera locally was too dear. Whether it's an 80 or a 90, I think I'll shop around. If I can save fifty bucks I will.

kae said...

Oh, and I need the stabilisation because I've noticed I have a shake.

Caz said...

I was going to - quite impolitely - ask about how much shaking you have going on.

One should not have to pay more for having the shakes!

Buying cheaper over the Internet is a charm, the young 'uns do it all the time. Just type in Googele search (restrict to Oz sites) "compare prices" with make & model of camera. You already know what you want, so no risk for you, just find the cheapest deal (plus postage!).

Kaboom said...

I find that a camera that runs on "normal" batteries is extremely handy - Fuji, Olympus etc using the XD memory format, which uses a lot less power.

The XD cards are about twice the price, but because it is an unpopular format (just because of the price of the XD cards), the camera itself can be quite cheap.

I hate recharging things. Especially camera batteries.

We have several digital cameras, and the only one that gets used is my Fuji, because if the batteries fail (usually without adequate warning)you simply go anywhere to buy a couple of AA batteries.

Rechargables? Good idea, but in the real world are a pain in the arse.

Minicapt said...