Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Europe finally counts cost of green dreams (at Bolt's)

Worth a read.
The first update caught my eye.


Wand said...

And look at the second update too. It's Wet and Cold in Sydney today. In fact the winds right here where I am are are gusting to gale force levels. Well it seems like that.

Now what is the saying .. it's an ill wind .. See there are always silver linings.

Done and dusted in style with mangled metaphors just like a Krudd would do. Hmm I might use this as a signature from time to time.

kae said...


(In the style of Egg's contributions, just wanted to beat him to it. Haw - as Paco would say.)

tee hee

I've got tramal
I'm off my face
Back's not hurting, but

Egg said...