Sunday, October 26, 2008

Floyd The Horse update again

He's doing well.
Almost paper trained. Almost.

Yesterday I went shopping and it was a big shop. I had to get a large water container that he couldn't tip over or which I could weigh down so that he'll have enough water while I'm at work next week. Poor mite, he's not going to like that.

So, at the shop there's a whole section for puppies! Pig's ears. He loves them. Do you have any idea how much they're worth? Forget the silk purse, the pig's ear's where the money is! $2 each, ouch!

In the puppy section there's some teething rings for your puppy (!). Not cheap. They look like baby ones, except they have bone themes. I bought one - the rubber is, wait for it, mint flavoured. Hullo? Do dogs like mint? Mine isn't that attracted to mint. And anyway, puppies shouldn't have bad breath and need mint. Should they?

Like the rawhide chew squares which have "parsley for fresh breath". WTF? If your dog has bad breath he's got a problem with his teeth or his gut. Hasn't he?

Anyway, the young fellow is here to whippersnip for me (he was sick last weekend), and I have to sit inside with the puppy (what hardship!)

I think the whippersnipper needs servicing - the young fellow hasn't got a sparkplug socket the right size to give it a once over. Dang. It's a good Kawasaki brushcutter.


Anonymous said...

I dips me lids. (grass cutting)
you have the patience of an Angel to put up with people.
Are they relatives of you?

kae said...

He's the son of a friend, he does it for me very, very cheaply.

I can't do the work myself, well, I can, but I shouldn't, I've been off work all week with a disc problem.

For the first 4 years I was here on my own I managed, but I dislocated and fractured my shoulder and a couple of years ago I hit a kangaroo and had a whiplash injury. And there's the occasional slippy-disky thingy. Now I just can't do it, espeically if it's all playing up and giving me gyp.

I tried to do a bit last weekend, but the grass was damp and I just couldn't manage it at all.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, as Gomer Pyle would say.

You make it sound as if you were ready for the six foot under love! (if I may be so bold as to call you that?)

Can't be all that bad?
I'm 60 and have problems, don't we all?

Yes I know what you mean, I was called to a job today where I had to jump (????) "slide-slither" into a trench and do some testing.

I wasn't half joking when I said, that I could get out of a hole 3 feet deep, but the trouble starts at 6 feet, and being shut in a box.

Try not to take too many pills, if you can help it.
(yes I know it's easy to say)

Funny thing about back ache, as you get "older" it gets "better" you know what I mean???

I don't have them as often as I used to, but I have strange unexplained pains on the right hand side from time to time and the doc would say, when I complain: you'll die from something else before we can figure out what it is!

So enjoy life kae, while it lasts!!!
Good luck with your projects.


kae said...

If I hadn't slipped over in the kitchen I'd be fine. That's what started it.

kc said...

Just don't buy (or put him) in a cute little outfit. He's a handsome guy, but much too...DOG for that. I hope. With people nowadays, there's just no telling. Friend of mine is expending her maternal instincts on a new puppy - tiny little yorkie. Cute lil thing. People started giving her little dresses & toenail polish & ribbons & crap for it a week before she brought it home, like at a baby shower. It's a sickness, I swear. She says she won't dress her unless it's cold out (we live in FLORIDA!).


Hug that soon-to-be-Brute of yours & tell him you're so glad he's a Real Dog.

tw: gropl -- sounds disgusting

kae said...

He howled and cried all day yesterday while I was at work so my neighbour tells me.

He was very pleased to see me when I got home.

Today I phoned the neighbour and she told me that he howled and cried for a while after I left, then he settled down. She's not sure if he's resting up to start howling again. She couldn't believe he went all day yesterday. He should have worn his howler out.

Thismorning (Tue), I made the mistake of stopping to talk with another neighbour who told me my dog had kept her awake all night howling and carrying on. I said that was impossible, I hadn't heard him, and as my dog slept in the ensuite in a cage and I'm sure I'd hear him howling beside me. She then switched tack and told me that if she wanted to nap during the day dogs howling stopped that.

Shame noone complained to them about their shepherd barking her head off all day when they were out when they first moved in. Maybe someone should have complained to them and they'd know.

There's someone over the back from me with a puppy which goes off every day and just about every night, too. I think it's older than my little fellow.

He's just too cute!