Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fourteen year old charged with arson

Police have charged a teenager over a fire that destroyed about 1,000 hectares of parkland on the Sunshine Coast in south-east Queensland this week.

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My brother and a mate lit a fire one day which burnt down someone's fence. They were about seven or eight. Kids do it.

What can be done to stop this?


Boy on a bike said...

Some mates congregated at a farm some years back for a weekend of circle work, drinking, shooting and blowing things up.

Bastards didn't invite me.

After too much vodka, they decided to "talk to the spirit of the trees", which involved setting a tree stump on fire and talking to the flames.

When they woke up in the morning, the bush next door was crawling with bulldozers creating firebreaks, and there were several water bombers circling overhead. The fire had spread from the tree stump in the middle of their paddock to the stubble, and from there into the national park next door.

One of them had been a Navy officer. Another an adviser to a Premier. The third has stood for parliament. The fourth was the CEO of a multi-million dollar business.

Like you said, kids do it. Even big kids.

Banning matches might be a good start.

kc said...

My stepson set fires when he was mad at his mother. Caused evictions on more than one occasion. Hope his level of maturity has changed, but not betting on it, cuz it's something boys of every size seem to find almost irresistable (I hope Lyle's gone, I can't spell that word tonight)! Surely it has some bearing on why the guys LOVE to take charge of the grill?

kae said...

OMG, kc!
What are you doing up? and
I don't think they ever grow out of the pyro thing. It progresses from setting fire to things, to drunken dances of the flaming arseholes, to later life when it's BBQs, because they're 'acceptable'.

(I think you're safe, I think Lyle's gone...)

Boy, I think it's fire or it's explody things. I've heard some tales of boys using explosives and so on for their kicks. Really, it doesn't seem to change.
Dangerous. But...

Boy on a bike said...

I used to blow up my Airfix planes as a kid with firecrackers.

When I joined the Reserves, EVERYONE wanted to join the Assault Pioneers and use flamethrowers.

I still want a flamethrower.

kc said...

To paraphrase Mythbusters - kc want Big Boom. It ain't always boys...(grin)

Kae, on Thursdays I have a late get-together (7-9), & I was IMing (is that a word? don't know how to spell it!) with a friend afterward about some medical conditions.

I seem to be a hit&run commenter here, since I read something you've got, make a comment, then LEAVE, cuz it's bedtime. NOW, though, it's time to shower before BEEootiful Granddaughter gets here for the day. See ya later!