Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hollowmen 9pm 8/10 final

While you're waiting for the final tonight, watch last week's episode, and the one before. They were great.


"Didn't anyone do Australian history?"

"But will the sun be up? Will it be light by then?"

Just watch it.


Dylan in France said...

This show is a ripper!

I got the last episode only a couple of hours after it was shown in Oz and loved it. I can't help but wonder 'are they referring to Howard or Rudd?' at a couple of points in every episode. Just when I reckon it's all about Rudd (most of the time) they drop in something like the cricket bowling thing and I'll switch back.

Great stuff.

kae said...

It's great, isn't it!
I watch it and just imagine this crap happening.
I keep wondering how they went forward in time to get all the Ruddisms...

Boy on a bike's said the same thing.

I think you can get all the eps on the net, a treat for everyone. I'm seriously thinking about buying it with some of my tax return money. After a fridge, push mower, glasses, dishwasher and camera....