Thursday, October 16, 2008

Indignant O'Gorman labels another snivel liberty issue

The Government has defended controversial new airport body scanners as safe, but prominent civil libertarian Terry O'Gorman says the technology is an invasion of privacy.

A new millimetre wave radio frequency body scanner is being trialed at three major Australian airports. It does not use X-rays, but it has X-ray vision.

Using this technology, security officers can detect metal and plastic weapons and also they can see through your clothes.

(caption for Photograph: "Does my fat arse look fat in this?") Report based on a report from the 7:30 report "New airport security strips you naked".

I don't think it's such a bad idea. The people scanning the machine will be in a separate room and will not know who they are scanning.

And mention was made of the new liquid sniffing technology, soon you won't be limited in your carry-on liquids.

I've been shown what type of every-day items when combined can cause explosions and/or fire*. Simple things. Arsonists know about them.

*At the Police Rescue Squad at Marrickville many years ago a powder monkey showed us all sorts of interesting things with cords and simple household substances. Only fools think that gathering tons of certain products is "harmless".


Dylan in France said...

Makes you wonder what they'd make of McGyver these days. Would step-by-step examples of how to blow up a car using string, baking powder and bleach (or whatever) be acceptable viewing these days? :)

Skeeter said...

My sympathy goes to the security guards who have to spend all day looking at the grotesque body shapes that abound these days.
Even when draped, they are ugly enough to turn off the horniest of us, and I try and avoid imagining them nekkid.