Sunday, October 26, 2008

Insiders 26/10/08 9am ABC

Bolt, Crabbe & um, who was that other one...

Oh yes. Mr Nuance himself, David Marr.

Here's the link to Insiders.


Skeeter said...

Andrew Bolt has no trouble dealing with the Nuanced One.

Marr was, as usual, talking over the top of Bolta this morning. Without pausing and losing his place in the thread, Andrew dealt with it thus: "You have a problem with listening, David — or perhaps it is that you can't stop yourself talking."

Marr has obviously convinced himself that he is extremely attractive and erudite. In this, he reminds me of my grandson when he was two years old.

My grandson still enjoys plenty of self-esteem and communicates well in both speech and written form. But, now at age 7, he has gained much wisdom. He is also a good listener, and is very keen to gain new information and opinions.

Let's hope Marr lives long enough to gain some of those skills.

kae said...

Marr did say something at the start which surprised me, I agreed. But it didn't last long, the feeling of agreement.

Unfortunately I'll have to watch it later on the net because the young fellow was doing the grass and finished about half way through the programme... well, he got fed up with the work. Fair enough.

Marr thinks he's pretty important, a beacon of clear thinking (he thinks, mind you), in the muddied waters of today.

WOOHOOO F111 Dump and Burn at Indy on the teev now! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!

Skeeter said...

Saw him again this evening on Arts on Sunday. He was interviewed by Trioli on the Hansen affair.
I didn't agree with everything he said, but he actually came across quite well in that interview and made a lot of sense.
Maybe he only goes into childish mode when discussing politics.

kae said...

Hmm. I thought he was a little bit sensible at first on Insiders, when talking about the plan to replace The Lord's Prayer in parliament. But he reverted to idiocy further along. And I missed Bolt's telling him, politely, to shut up.
I missed Arts (I do usually watch it), I had to duck across the street with the freshly bathed puppy and some onions.
The puppy rolled in the dirt... good thing he was dry!

Skeeter said...

The Lord's Prayer in parliament is probably now about 30 years out of date.
But my view is that it is a very old part of our parliamentary heritage that goes back hundreds of years.
It can do no harm to leave it there for a while longer. Then it will still be in place when we need it again after the next Crusades.

Wand said...

I particularly liked the classic exchange that was reported on Insiders between Barnaby Joyce and David Gruen from Treasury.

Joyce: "Did you do any modelling on the effect of that package?" (The $10.4 bn giveaway).

Gruen: "There was no formal modelling done." (Notice how he dragged out these words for as long as possible).

Joyce; "We spend half of the nation's surplus without a formal modelling of the effects of the package? How long would it have taken?" (Question slowly articulated)

Does anyone know if Gruen replied, not that it matters or would make any difference?

What a bunch of incompetents / amateurs.... confirmed by listening to Krudd earlier today with more on the bank guarantee. The Australian dollar has tanked even more but should we be surpised?