Sunday, October 5, 2008

Insiders 5/10/08 ABC 9am

If you are on the eastern seaboard and changed over to daylight saving last night - Oops! Too late she cried as she waved her wooden leg! link.

But where's Baz?

George Megalogenis -
Gerard Henderson - agreed with Rudd about the Yartz world and how they operate, re. trawling schools to check out the talent.
Karen (I've forgotten!)

Wayne Swan babbled on about the package in the US to save the lenders and the economy.

Peter Costello is on speaking about this now.

Chris Uhlmann speaking about current Australian happenings; maternity leave, credit markets, etc.

Patrick Cook on Garnaut report (paraphrased), "Months of work for the world's longest bumper sticker, 'Save the world eat a kangaroo'."

Gerard Henderson's final comment? Paraphrased "I recommend Peter Costello's book, if you want a good understanding of how government works, it's excellent. A good read."


Skeeter said...

Karen Middleton.
Because of the way she was being kept in check by the moderator Jim Middleton, we though he might be her daddy.
But Wiki says not.
In our area, ABC-TV standard definition had no sound during the middle of the day but the subtitles worked so it was watchable.
It was OK on High Def with the full son et lumière.
Things often go wrong on a Sunday in the sheltered workshop while the senior people are at home watching the footy.

Skeeter said...

Loved the footage of that large mob of 'roos leaping over tall trees while Prof Guano's plans to farm them were being discussed.
They may be a fartless alternative to beef, but rounding them up and sending them to market are going to present some difficulties for the 'roo farmers.

kae said...

Loooooooooong, hiiiiiiiiiiiigh fences, Skeets.
Loooooooooong, hiiiiiiiiiiiigh fences.
tee hee

Skeeter said...

Yeah Kae, that will keep them in the paddock. But you still have to somehow convince them that they should get into the truck on market day.

kae said...

Jeez, Skeets, I hadn't thunk of that.
Oh, I'll send the vids for Mrs S this week. I'm sure you'll find something else to do... they're a bit icky - might have to clean out the teev after she watches them.
But they're good.