Friday, October 3, 2008

Man rescued from submerged car

There are still heroes out there.

A STREET sweeper who helped save a driver whose car plunged into a Gold Coast river says he is not a hero.

Cameron Wilson, 47, was one of three bystanders who helped the man when he was trapped in his car in Nerang River about 1.30am (AEST) today.

Police believe the man lost control of his car, swerved across two lanes, crashed through a pedestrian guard rail and plunged 10m into the water.
I do have a problem with the headline:

Man saved from car's icy river plunge
It's Queensland. Highly unlikely that the river is "icy".
Highly unlikely at this time of year that anything weather-wise is "icy".

Unless, of course, Al Gore is holidaying on the Gold Coast.

Pix here.


Skeeter said...

Oh I dunno, Kae. At 1:30 am in the dark, 22C water might feel a bit scary, shivery and icy.
At least they managed to resist adding the usual "shark infested" descriptor.
In the ABC report, policeman Keogh is quoted as saying that the rescuers, cut themselves as they went across the oyster lease. AFAIK, there are no oyster farms in the Nerang River.
Perhaps we are being picky?

kae said...

Perhaps lease is the collective noun for oysters now?

Skeeter said...

I will try it at the fish shop tomorrow:
"How much do you charge for a lease of oysters?"