Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A narrow escape

Driving home thisafternoon I was almost cleaned up, again.

There's a sweeping bend on Mt Crosby Road heading west between Anstead Road and just before Kangaroo Gully Road. The speed limit there is 70kph.

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As I was on that bend (to the right of the route number "37"), or approaching it, an unladen (I think, I had other things to think about - maybe it had a backhoe on it?), low-loader was coming the other way.

I thought, "Gee, he's going a bit fast..." Jus as that thought crossed my mind his back end started sliding into my lane (the curve is a right hander for me).

Sliding into my lane.

Sliding across the double lines.

Double truck wheels at the back of the low-loader sliding across the double lines into my path. Over the double lines by about 2ft 6" (nearly a metre I think - I'm old, I remember the old measurements!).

Nowhere to go, a guardrail has been put at the side of the road for some stupid reason. Fortunately I was able to brake and steer a little further to the left.

The truck must have sped up as the rear slid across in front of me, I was in front of the truck, and I think the driver felt it go, and also saw the look on my face.... Kinda like this:
I think he sped up and that pulled the back end out of the slide.

Now I'm all stiff and sore, and It gave me quite a fright.

My number mustn't be up.


Boy on a bike said...

It's just God's way of telling you that heaven is full of bloodnuts and he doesn't need anymore at present.

kae said...

Gee, thanks Boy.
But I really didn't need the demo.

Minicapt said...

1. .76m = 2'6"
2. I keep reminding you:


kae said...

Hi Mini

.76m = too bloody close.

Richard Sharpe said...

Sounds scary. We have trucks going in and out near the main intersection near our place. They are the most irresponsible drivers I've come across. I have a lot of time for truckies, but the guys that work near our place are just wankers. They pull out in front of traffic, take up both lanes, and will change lanes in city traffic with the expectation that you'll just get out of their way because they are bigger than you. Generally they are right, but it doesn't mean I'm not furious at them.

Wand said...

Just as well you spent the day practising your reflexes. Now imagine what could have happened if you had not worked at them for hours instead of the few minutes that you suggested!

kae said...

Wow, Wand. I hadn't thought of that...
I didn't do it all day, just once... imagine how great I would have been if I'd practised more!


(It still scared the hell out of me.)

kc said...

NOT FUN! VERY happy you're alright, Kae. Wand's got the right idea, if you're going to travel that road, stay in practice!

Really, really glad you came through it with nothing more than a helluva fright.

Five years ago this weekend, Duffy & I were hit head-on while driving our Dodge Dakota. Totaled it. Busted a bone in my left thumb, which eventually needed surgery, gave us both headaches & such. But we were stone cold sober & laughed all the way to the ER in the ambulance. Then I needed treatment for PTSD, as 5 wrecks in 10 years evidently took its toll on my fragile little psyche.

Good lord, how I DO go on. I'm off to bed now, Kae, but a bit of baseball first, I think. See ya!

splice said...

Have you ever heard the truck song? It’s a beautiful call that sounds like a long moan mixed with exquisite squealing on 27Mhz band radio.

Many people stand at lookouts above the highways, just watching these magnificent things as they make their daily migration.

Some watchers claim to have seen them lift their trailers high in the air and smash them down, or even leap bodily into the air before rolling gracefully to land on the highway on their backs. Magnificent creatures!

Sadly, so little understood.