Monday, October 6, 2008

Hollowmen, final this week, more ABC interesting stuff


Enough Rope, the same night as Nigella, was Professor Julian Savulescu, who I found interesting. (Transcript)
Welcome to Oxford University where Professor Julian Savulescu is a man who favours more drugs than sport, who thinks cloning is cool and who says that if the technology were available then yes we should genetically modify our children. No stranger to controversy, an A-grade guaranteed conversation started at dinner parties, welcome Julian Savulescu.
Keep his second last paragraph in mind when reading what he says.
PROFESSOR JULIAN SAVULESCU: Yeah look I’m not an evangelist and I’m not out to convert people, and I think the sign of a success in my job is that people go away thinking for themselves what their view is. I don’t care if people don’t agree with me and often I put arguments simply there for them to be considered so the doping in sport one is one that I think that needs to be taken seriously. I don't know what my final view is. I’ve even given arguments for things that I don’t believe in because I think the arguments needs to be made. So I have a view of practical ethics that it’s about empowering people to make their own decisions, and what I see, increasingly, is a kind of moral oppression of one particular view. And my job is really just to put the arguments out there and get you to think.

Oh, and here's the Costello Conversation Hour link.

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