Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quadrant, October 2008

Illusions of Climate Science

William Kininmonth

How have we come to a situation where, as some polls suggest, most Australians are so concerned about dangerous climate change that they will put aside the very tools and technologies that have sustained clean air, clean water, nutritious food and long life? More importantly, is the perceived danger real and will the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions avert the perceived danger? Although there are many uncertainties to be resolved, it is clear that the community has been the subject of more than two decades of heavily biased propaganda.

Have a read. (I hope you can access this.)

Also in Quadrant, Clinton's responsibility for the loans crisis.


bruce said...

I have to keep pinching myself, it's just so incredible - Here we are in the 21st century and somehow through the misuse of science people have come to believe that, by say switching on a light, they are manipulating the weather.

It's as bogus as 'The Secret'.

I have a mad friend who used to rave about how the CIA controls weather over North Korea (He probably said I was 'in denial' about it). Now masses of educated people sound the same.

Yes I can access the article thanks Kae. It's a good read.

Wand said...

Thanks Kae, they are both good stories to read. Meanwhile on the subject of “climate change”, over in the EU the community suicide pact gathers pace.

It will be followed by a better Australian model that will work faster and more decisively. And there are only two more months to go before the details are revealed!

Skeeter said...

By 2010, or whenever the ETS is supposed to work, the economic crash will have cut emissions beyond their wildest dreams.
But by then they will have dreamt up a new name and cause for the tax we had to have.