Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Remains disturbed at Gallipoli

Gallipoli, site Australia and New Zealand's defining moment in war, is being developed - roads must be widened, parking provided, etcetera. The Turkish government has undertaken work recently which has disturbed human remains. This is hardly surprising as the site is a battle field, and I would imagine there are many human remains hidden in the ridges.

As Gallipoli is a popular place and is growing more popular for visitors from Australia and New Zealand on every anniversary of Anzac Day (25 April 1915), the Turks have to make the site amenable to all the visitors. It is, after all, Turkey's land.

It is unfortunate that some sites have been damaged by roadworks and other activities, however, the work needs to be carried out. I hope the popularity of Gallipoli's Anzac Cove will not destroy the real feeling of awe and sadness felt by those who visit and see the impossible task given to the invaders.

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Boy on a bike said...

I took a bus down there from Istanbul back in 1991. It was the most terrifying road trip of my life - buses speeding down narrow roads, overtaking on crests and blind corners etc etc. The road definitely needed widening, and a bloody great concrete barrier putting down the centre to stop buses hitting each other head on.

To me, the most amazing thing is that more young Australians have not been killed on the trip down there than were hit on the beaches in 1915.

The Turks were in awe back then that "so many" Australians were bothering to make the trip to Canakle. There must be 10 times as many going nowadays. I hope they don't get sick of us.