Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tax Return Complete

I was telling the tax bloke, who got me back a motza, that I was much better off in the past 11 years than I had been for some time prior to that. Particularly in the past 4 years. I told him "But that's all gonna change now."
He agreed and we both agreed that Kevvie is a dickhed. A windbag. A puffed up nobody.
And that John Howard was a do-er.
I bought some lovely sheets with my petrol money - meh, it's payday on Thursday, I'll just fill up then. The sheets were 1,000 thread count and cost only $60. Woohoo!
And I bought myself some Darrel Lea liquorice, the blackcurrant one. Yum.
I've had a good day today.


Boy on a bike said...

Once the Monkey stopped spewing everywhere after his 2am feeds, I went out and bought some 1000 count sheets. The old sheets had so much milk vomit ground into them, they were beyond yuck.

The new sheets are lovely, but the bottom fitted sheet is a right bastard to put on. They are so stiff, they don't stretch enough to get the last corner over the mattress. I normally sit on the floor, put both feet on the corner of the mattress and then pull like hell. I swear I am going to dislocate my thumbs doing it one day.

kae said...

Hi, again.
1,000 thread count sheets are such a luxury! I love them, like satin, but better.
I have three sets now, the pale mint-green set I bought thisarvo at Dimmeys, and two sets bought for me by my mum from Aldi, one in pale, pale blue (she calls it silver), and one dark brown set. They feel so good, I wouldn't care what colour they are, they're just such a lovely luxury.
I'm a bit of a linen nut.
Now I need to find me some good single bed sheets.

bruce said...

Hanging out with nurses I learnt nursing lore, here's one:

Do not shake bedding, it spreads spores, germs, whatever. Slide sheets into position (2 person job if available, one either side).

Bet you didn't want to know that.

I wonder if they teach 'hospital tuck corners' in the military?

kae said...

Hey, Bruce
My bed's fine.
Only girl germs there.
Oh, I told a friend about making the bed (a once-a-week event in my house, they get taken off and washed and I HAVE to make the bed with clean sheets), and said that other than when the sheets are changed the bed will be Anzac'd, if I can be bothered.
He asked what "Anzac the bed" meant.
Not sure where it comes from, the military I'm sure, but it just means not making the bed from scratch - just smoothing it out. If anyone knows where it came from originally I'd be interested. I do know about the bouncing a coin, etc.

kc said...

One of my closest friends just found out how much the KGB-I-mean-the-IRS wants from her. She'll still be paying them when she goes to see Jesus. The accounting company that did the books for her little company a few years back really screwed her badly, then told her she oughta just hide out for a year or so till they forgot about her. Uh-huh. This being the KGB-I-mean-the-IRS, there's no 'forgetting' taxes owed. Ever.

I got a new digital camera with my portion of last year's refund. Next year I want new bathroom stuff. For my birthday next month I get a new toilet & a re-fi mortgage to 15-year fixed.

He IS a romantic bloke, My Chief is...

Minicapt said...

"I wonder if they teach 'hospital tuck corners' in the military."
... yes, and the turndown is a bayonet's length in width.