Friday, November 7, 2008

Can he fix it?

Someone at ABC Melbourne radio put this together.

I'm sooooo over this.


Ha! He's really white and he can't change water into wine.


bruce said...

I see on the news, 'Rudd says Obama will need time to fix world problems'. See Kevvie, our enlightened leader, is positioning himself as Ob's local mouthpiece, for all of us iggorant white racists out here who he has the thankless task of shepherding.

And Kevvie hopes to have 'a very close relationship' with Ob. Hmmm.

So aren't we lucky to have a leader who can read Ob's thoughts?

Kevvie likes being the middle-man.


Consider: most American blacks only know Australia from the phrase "White Australia Policy", probably because it was used to keep their WWII GI grandfathers in Macarthur's Pacific forces from coming here on R&R.

When they see our albino PM doing his Bwana suck up routine, will they be impressed?

kae said...

Gee, Kevvie. I thought Obama was the butt-out of world problems Pres?

RebeccaH said...

This kind of sums up my problems with Obama:

Build new schools? How about just rebuilding the ones that are falling down? Particularly the ones in his neck of the woods.

kae said...

Well, I hope they have teachers for these schools.

Like the ALP over here. Building new hospitals or new hospital wings, boasting that they've added so many beds, and then closing them because there aren't the doctors, nurses and other support staff to keep them going....

Sure. Build new schools.

kc said...

There'll be no damn singin' Kumbaya in THIS household! We're going down on payday to purchase a firearm, half convinced that Right will be infringed-upon in the next administration.