Saturday, November 1, 2008

F*king Irish leprechaun - not a racist taunt

Someone took it to court!

The question a court prepared to wrestle with was whether calling your Irish neighbour a '******* leprechaun' amounts to racial abuse.

Andeliza Tucker, 18, faced a trial costing thousands after the alleged remark led to police action. (more)

More at Dust My Broom. Comments are good, too.

Thanks to minicapt...


bruce said...

Could be size-ism.

As Randy Newman says,

'Short people got nobody
Short people got no reason to live'

kc said...

I'm a short people. Always liked that song. And I drive a Tundra that does NOT go 'beep beep beep.'

Refuse to be offended by poor helpless super-sized people...bad for my blood pressure. 8-)