Sunday, November 30, 2008

Floyd The Horse update 30 Nov 08 - He's 4 months old tomorrow

He's awfully hard to take a picture of. He just won't sit stil for very long. And when I'm with the dogs they like to play around my feet, which makes taking pictures a little difficult, focusing and so on.

I've had some info on how to take pix which aren't too big for the blog so I don't have to resize them too much, so I'll read the destructions and sort the camera out.

I must be getting old, I need a six-year-old to sort out my electronic stuff. *sigh*


bruce said...

Love the floppy ears.

kae said...

He's definitely got cute in spades.

And smart? Sheesh, you can only trick him once, then never again.

He's a stick fetcher - he has a small piece of garden hose* which I had to cut out 'cos it was damaged and so he fetches that and brings it to me, which works out fine, 'cos Meggie is a ball fetcher, and she brings them back and puts them in my hand!

Floyd can jump up on my lap... problem is I have to teach him that he can only do it when invited. Shouldn't take long, he's a fast learner.

*apparently dogs suffer all sorts of stick injuries from fetching sticks and catching thrown sticks!

bruce said...

Yes sticks are not safe come to think of it, but that's funny though - OH&S of dog's work.

They deserve it.

Paco said...

Are you sure that's a horse? Looks like a dog to me.

Minicapt said...

"Horse with Dog Name" ... has a ring to it.


kc said...

I like that, Minicapt. I want to remember it so I can offer it as a possible when my kids get a dog.

I'd use it myself, but my cats won't let me get a dog, even if I wanted one (which I don't). They don't even want the next stray cat that will probably show up in the spring (as so often happens). And they're REAL unhappy with the hawk that's taken up residence in the live oak since the last tropical storm!

Anonymous said...

Floyd the HorseDog rocks!