Sunday, November 9, 2008

Floyd The Horse update 9 Nov 08

(Having some trouble uploading the photos of Floyd. Will put them here tomorrow - in about 8 hours.)

It's a very good thing he's extremely cute and smart.
There have been a lot of casualties here...

Azaleas I've nursed through the drought. (burying bones and just chewing them - but he's smart, growled at him when he tried to chew shoes and he's never done that since) He does have plenty of stuff to chew!

Still not real good with the peeing - if there's a room he's not allowed in, sure as shootin' if he gets in there he'll pee.... all the world's his toilet!

Good with the paper in the laundry. Mostly.

He's a water baby - loves the water, splashes his water everywhere. And the big dogs' water, too, if he's in their yard. Naughty puppy!

I thought he was too big to get thru the dogwire now... but he got out of the dogyard today, good thing I hadn't gone out to the shop before he escaped.

The sad news is that I must take my old Bundy to the vet soon. He's deaf and blind. For two days he hadn't eaten, he ran away when I went to feed him, I think he got a fright. Today I just fed him and Meg on their own in the yard and he was fine. He's breathing fast all the time (I think he might have an enlarged heart or something like that), he's very slow, very very slow. He is really deaf as a post. He can't see much at all, he knows someone's there, but he gets a fright if something passes in front of his eyes. He bit me a few weeks ago, just a bite like a flea-ing, but it was a little firmer than a flea-ing. I don't think he was sure what it was that was in front of his face, but it was my forearm, I was patting him. If you pat him he gets a fright, talking to him doesn't help.

So sad. He was my protector, now he's just not the same any more.
This is Bundy seven years ago when I got Meg to replace his sister, Katie (she had lymphoma, she was only seven).

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Anonymous said...

Surely that's a rabbit/bilby cross. Mehaul