Sunday, November 30, 2008

Insiders 30 November 2008

Don't forget!

Oh for God's sake.

They're asking the Why about the Mumbai terrorism.

Brian says, even though we really don't know the motivation, it could quite possibly be about India and Kashmir.

WTF? It's about Palestine, it's about whatever the murderous terrorsts say it is on the surface.

But really, they just don't get it, do they?

It's about hating everyone and everything who has more than they have, freedom of choice, freedom to live life as they wish.

When your culture and your society and your life represent abject failure in progress, and everything is anchored in the superstitions and near stone-age lifestyle of the 7th century, of course you want revenge on anyone who has "more" than you.

Terrorists captured? No prisoners. We really don't need to ask them why. Who, maybe, but never why.

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Ubique of the free State of WA said...

Don't anyone dare torture the captured "militant" (ABC speak for terrorist) by forcing him to wear underwear on his head.

David Hicks' lawyers should be brought in immediately to see that the fellow's human rights aren't infringed.